Polyester Polymath

After a myriad of art and computer classes in childhood encouraged by his mother, a summer school silk screening class led Zach to find the path he would make a career. Summer school came and went but the class returned every year until he was too old to attend. But a less than legal copy of photoshop and a wooden screen kept the dream alive designing and printing shirts for local bands, skaters, and inside jokes for friends. Shortly after a BMX focused line was developed with his college roommates. With Myspace being the primary source of advertising sales were slow, and the line went the same way as the website. This body of work though was enough to gain admission to FIDM. This lead to an internship and later a Product Development job at his favorite skate company Osiris. After graduating he landed another internship with Comme des Garcon and went on to assist one of their guest designers Brett Westfall. Since then Zach has gone on to get a second degree in Advanced Menswear and work in Senior Design and Technical Design positions for labels including VINCE, Forever 21, Eddie Bauer, Orvis, Woolrich, and Jachs NY


Advanced Menswear AA • FIDM

Los Angeles, CA • 2015

Merchandising Product Development AA • FIDM

Los Angeles, CA • 2010


Winner • Menswear Design Super Lab

Haggar / FIDM

Dallas, TX • 2019

Nominated • Best Emerging Brand: Menswear

Project / MAGIC

Las Vegas, NV • 2016

Winner • Most Marketable Collection

FIDM Menswear Show

Los Angeles, CA • 2015



Los Angeles, CA 90013